7 Signs That Mean You Need New Bathroom Tiling

June 6, 2021by Mack Galus0

7 Signs That Mean You Need New Bathroom Tiling

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home; in fact, an average person spends about 30 minutes of the day inside the bathroom. All members of the household use this room on a daily basis, that’s why it is also the room that is most prone to wear and tear. It is a high traffic room, that’s why the floors and the walls can get worn or damaged within a few years.

Because the bathroom is needed daily for various purposes, any ideas or plans to remodel, renovate, or retile often get delayed or even forgotten. As a result, the bathroom gets even more dated and minor issues can turn into big problems, which can render the bathroom unusable.


When to Get New Bathroom Tiling?

Don’t neglect your bathroom tiles. Before expensive and hard-to-repair damages appear on your bathroom, it’s always best to watch out for these tell-tale signs that you need new bathroom tiling in London:


1. Your tiles are mouldy.

If you’re always cleaning your bathroom floors and walls diligently but mould seems to come back like clockwork, that can be a sign that you need to remodel your bathroom and get new bathroom tiling.

Mould often grows in damp and poorly ventilated areas, thus, consider the layout of your bathroom and put natural or artificial ventilation to prevent the mould from growing. You may also need to change your tiles, as mould spreads very quickly and they can remain in your tiles even when you can’t see them. Old tiles are more likely to harbour mould because of cracks, breaks, and gaps that provide a dark and wet environment where mould usually thrives.

Mould is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly as it can affect you and your family’s health, not to mention, they can make your bathroom look old and dirty.


2. The stain on your tiles is impossible to remove.

Stained bathroom tiles are an eyesore. They make your bathroom look unappealing, old, and dingy. Tiles stain for a number of reasons. One reason is that they are not properly cleaned and sealed when they were put in. Another is that the materials and quality of the tiles are subpar and inferior.  Lastly, using harsh and low-quality cleaning products can take a toll on the surface of the tiles, thus creating stubborn stains that cannot be cleaned. In any of these cases when the stain is deep and hard to remove, the best remedy is to replace them with high-quality tiles, installed by professional tiling experts so your tiles can last for years without staining.


3. You see signs of water damage.

Water damage is a serious issue that can potentially make your home unsafe and can cause expensive damages not just in your bathroom but also in adjacent rooms and floors. You may need new bathroom tiling in London when you see even the slightest sign of water damage. If you smell a musty smell, your drains are draining slowly, your walls and floors are damaged, these are some signs that there may already be water damage in your floors. Always inspect your tiles and grout for cracks or for loose and ill-fitted tiles.

Water damage in your bathroom walls and floors can be prevented by getting professional tiling experts to meticulously install your tiles. High-quality tile installers can waterproof your floors and walls, and seal them effectively to prevent water damage.


4. You keep seeing gaps in the grout or caulk.

Minor gaps in the grout or caulk do not mean you need a completely new bathroom tiling. This can be an easy fix by reapplying new caulk or grout to seal any gaps or cracks. However, when the gaps and cracks keep reappearing regularly, that might be a sign that the tiles were not laid out properly. If issues like this arise regularly, delaying retiling can lead to expensive water damage to your floors or walls.


5. Your bathroom looks dated.

Sometimes, there are no damages or issues with your bathroom tiles, but they just look too old and worn. You’ll be surprised how modern your bathroom can look and feel just by getting new tiles installed. Your bathroom is an important part of your life, so there’s no point in having a bathroom that does not sit well with the taste of the house’s inhabitants. For most people, the bathroom is the room in the house that makes them feel relaxed, where they can soak their stress away, so it’s only fitting to have a visually appealing bathroom that helps evoke a sense of relaxation, calm, and happiness to the user. Replace your old-fashioned, gloomy, and outworn tiles and get a new bathroom tiling in London that is more stylish, modern, and aesthetically pleasing.



6. You’re planning to sell your house.

For most homebuyers, the bathroom can be a deal-breaker. If you’re planning to sell your house, why not increase its market value by putting in new bathroom tiling that can instantly make your bathroom look new and modern. This may attract more buyers and bidders who can potentially push your house price up. An old and dated bathroom can result in less interest in the house or lowballing. You’ll be surprised how a new bathroom tiling can make a huge difference in the price of your property. Furthermore, if your current bathroom is styled according to your personal preferences, which may not suit the taste of most people, it may be a good idea to renovate your bathroom with neutral colours and fixtures to increase its appeal and attract more potential buyers


7. You have safety concerns.

Since the bathroom is used by all members of the household, it is imperative that every part of it is safe for everyone, including young children or the elderly. Naturally, having loose, chipped, cracked, or missing tiles can cause potential safety problems for you and your family. Not only do these things pose risks of accidents like tripping and slipping, the cracks and gaps can also harbour germs and mould that can escalate into serious health issues.

If you’re concerned about broken or missing tiles in your bathroom, it’s time to install a new bathroom tiling in London for your peace of mind and to avoid bigger issues in the future.


Work With Professional Bathroom Tiling Experts in London

 If you notice any of the signs above, you may need new bathroom tiling. Working with professional experts ensures that you can avoid most of the aforementioned issues in the future, such as stubborn stains, mould, water damage, gaps in the grout, and other safety issues. Battersea Bathrooms provides expert bathroom tiling in London using the highest quality tools and equipment. We also provide a 5-year warranty after our installation so you can rest assured that your bathroom tiles will last for years. Contact us to get a free online quote now.

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