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A properly made wet room has it that does not let even the smallest drop of water through its ceilings, walls and floors, and each water stream is properly directed to the drain outlet. Choosing tiles that are safe and not slippery, choosing the right size shower head, building the right floor drop is part of the task for our wet room fitters. No wet room will be prepared until Schlüter-Systems waterproofing is installed, in which we specialize not many in London. Creating a practical and at the same time beautiful wet room requires several years of experience. Each project consists of a whole lot of knowledge that should be applied at each stage of work. Flawless precision measurement, the right selection of materials, or a given time of work is crucial here. By sticking to these golden rules, we are able to provide you with a project that you will enjoy for many years, regardless of whether it is a wet room or steam room.

Let our experienced wet room fitters in London help provide a touch of elegance to your home

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Efficiency and quality are the hallmarks of our services and this starts right when you request a quote. By calling us or contacting us through our website, we can make a thorough assessment of your project and come up with our free quote within a few hours.

Our wet room fitting expert meets with you
Expert staff arrives in your house to make a precise measurement of your wet room according to your requirements and determine all your other expectations. The information from this visit will be used as the basis for the wet room plan we shall come up with.

Once completed, you can enjoy using your wet room
Our many years of experience render any wet room project easy and manageable for us. We cope with the challenges in the project to fulfil all your requirements according to your targets including timeline, budget, and workmanship quality level. We provide 5-year warranty for labour and materials.

How does a wet room differ from a traditional shower

Is it worth investing money

By investing in a wet room, you can increase the value of your entire home by a few percent, provided you hire specialists who know what they are doing. Unlike a traditional shower, wet room is considered a luxury that brings many benefits associated with maintaining cleanliness and obtaining additional usable space. Internal shelves or a bench on which you can sit during the shower are just some of the elements of modern showers, when we add a large size shower head which is mounted in the ceiling, as well as wall and floor heating, everything starts working and looks unprecedented.

Schlüter-Systems the next generation wet room

It is worth investing money

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Modern design & 100% waterproof wet room

Each of our wet room is properly prepared by us and the materials are selected accordingly. Only the materials of the Schlüter-Systems can prevent the uncontrolled leakage of water and the proper preparation of the walls and the substrate for smooth tiling. Our tilers have undergone special training so that the quality of workmanship is perfect. We add a 5-year warranty to each of our wet rooms, so you can rest assured that your guests at lunch will not see the water on the ceiling in your kitchen after you shower in the morning.


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