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Creating great bathrooms is an artistic job that requires concentration, practice, knowledge of materials, and hard work. No bathroom will be beautiful unless all materials are properly selected and installed. The bathrooms that have something special, are the heart of every home, a place where relaxation after a day’s work fills us with a new life. After all, water is life, and it is the bathroom that determines how you experience that water. The right environment, ambience and feeling you get as the water surrounds and cascades over you, play a key role here.

No matter whether it is about building a completely new bathroom or refurbishing the current one, our bathroom fitters will take care of it from the basics to the end of the project. We will take care of dismantling the existing suite, waterproofing the room, repairing or installing a new plumbing system, electricity installation, tiling and bespoke shelving as well as sourcing and assembling a new suite. During the process, your home will remain clean and tidy and we always make sure that it is properly protected before any work begins.


How will our bathroom fitters work with you

Design & Quote
After contacting us, we will appoint one of our fully trained experts (or staff) to supervise your project. The specialist will discuss your needs and translate it into a vision, measure the room carefully, advise you on the selection of tiles, bathroom equipment and prepare a final quote. Our valuation is guaranteed and will not change during the project. All accidental work will be covered at our expense. At this stage you pay nothing, no matter if you decide to use our service in the next step.
Deposit & Ordering

At this stage, we need you to cover the cost of the materials you choose, you can choose the secure Shieldpay payment option or the traditional method of settlement. After receiving payment, all materials will be ordered and delivered within a few days. In the meantime, we will secure your home so that it is not damaged while the new bathroom is installed. At this stage, our bathroom fitters will begin to demolish the current room so that it can be clean and dry when the materials arrive.

Bathroom Installation

We know how hard it is to find reliable professionals in London for a bathroom refurbishment, we also know how to renovate a bathroom flawlessly. All materials selected by you, with our help, will be carefully installed, tiles arranged precisely, water-resistant backboards Schlüter-Systems and ARDEX will let you enjoy the bathroom for at least 20 years. Typically a medium size bathroom is ready in 3 weeks, including waterproofing.

Payment & Warranty

For us, the most important is the client and their experience of working with us. We care about the quality of services we provide and we want them to be the best. We will not hesitate to provide you with a 5-year warranty on all services without exception, which means that you can enjoy your new beautiful bathroom without any worries. Once you are happy with the results of our work, you can decide about releasing the final payment to us.

Why our bathrooms so special

You can talk about unique things in different ways and qualify them as unique for various reasons. In our opinion, the bathrooms made by us stand out from the rest for 3 important matters. First of all, we do our work with passion and dedication, sharing with you our 25 years of experience in the bathroom renovation industry. Secondly, we work with the best companies in the world, which, combined with our performance, ensure the long-term durability of your bathroom. Thirdly, there is nothing more precious than life, the water that is considered a symbol of life, and which we deliver to your home, will make you a happy and clean person.
London Bathroom Fitters

Personalised bathroom

In a world where originality and the desire to stand out is ever greater, we meet this task with its particular change. Until now, bathroom customization has involved choosing a different color and size of tile than your neighbor or choosing a mirror size or choosing between a bathtub and a shower. As we face new technologies, we are able to create your towel rack, soap dish or shower drain in a way you never thought of. Using computer technology to create 3D models of any shape, we print 3D figures in various materials including precious metals and ceramics.

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