Bathroom Tile Ideas: Modern Bathroom Tiling Design Ideas for 2024

November 26, 2021by Mack Galus
Bathroom Tile Ideas: Modern Bathroom Tiling Design Ideas for 2024

In the past, tiles were used in the bathroom only for a utilitarian purpose, which was to protect the walls from water damage and smudges of toothpaste, cosmetics, etc. Nowadays, tiling is not just designed to be useful or practical but also attractive. Tiles are an important element in creating a relaxing but stylish bathroom décor scheme.

  Advantages of Tiling Your Bathroom

If you are looking at a bathroom redesign and unsure how to decorate your walls and floors, tiles are the answer. Tiles have become incredibly popular and are used in bathrooms across the globe. They have a winning combination of practical and aesthetic benefits. Tiling your bathroom offers you the following advantages:

Tiles are water-resistant.

The bathroom is associated with being naturally wet and humid. The water resistance of ceramic and porcelain tiles is essential when they are used in the bathroom. These glazed tiles have a protective layer that makes them impervious to water and stains.

It is an important benefit when the bathroom becomes wet and steamy and when cleaning the walls and floors with soap and water.

Tiles are easy to maintain.

Cleaning the tiles doesn’t require much effort. You can wipe away or mop up liquids, dirt, and stains in seconds. Bathroom floors are prone to spillages and stains, so busy homeowners will find keeping their bathroom clean a breeze with low-maintenance floor tiles a top priority.

Tiles are durable.

Bathroom tiles, particularly ceramic and porcelain, are extremely durable. Highly unlikely to crack from everyday wear and tear, they can last up to 20 years if professionally installed and properly maintained by tiling contractors.

Bathroom tile design options are limitless.

There is a wide array of design options available with tiles. There are tiles of varying sizes, shapes, colours, and finishes. It is easy to find the tiles that complement your existing design scheme. Tile colour can go from white to light to bright. You can likewise opt for neutrals such as grey bathroom tiles.

Tiles are cost-effective.

Tiles that present affordable options without compromising style and practicality are available. The long-term value they bring to your bathroom, their durability, and the increase in your home’s resale value make them cost-effective.

Hot Trends in Bathroom and Tile Design in 2024

Global trends like the pursuit of sustainability will influence bathroom and bathroom tile design in 2024. The industry is talking about marble, wood, terrazzo, and minimalism, among other trends. The pandemic will also impact the bathroom design scene in the coming season. We have started to pay more attention to cosiness and our own comfort.

The following hot trends will dictate bathroom design, including tiles, in the coming year.

Soft Colours

The basic colours are most relevant today. The basic achromatic colours are black and white, muted pastels, and a palette of grey and beige tones. In tiling, for example, slightly more saturated tones can be easily combined with each other, and a neutral base, such as grey bathroom tiles, can balance any contrast. During the pandemic, the desire for a calm scale, comfort, relaxation, and rest for the eyes became the main criteria in the design of houses.

Natural Materials and Texture

Though not exactly a new trend, they will remain relevant in the next few years. To decorate the bathroom in accordance with this trend, you can use designer tiles with a stone effect or marble effect on the wall.


Designers are unlikely to give up the mosaic interspersed with stone. The material continues to be favoured because of the huge variety of shades and textures available. Terrazzo tiles aren’t just relevant in decorating floors and walls and in the design of countertops, baths, shower rooms, and sinks.


The trend moves away from interiors with many details and décor and minimalism, becoming the designer’s course. There are fewer details and prints; emphasis is on shapes, materials, and textures.

Open Showers

A long-established trend in 2024 bathroom design is open showers. Such a shower has a practical advantage. It is suited even in a small bathroom. The open shower is trimmed with tiles or stone inside.

More Bathroom Tile Designs and Ideas You Can Consider

Many of the bathroom tile designs and ideas in the list below are recommended by interior designers and tiling contractors. They are seen as becoming popular next year and even beyond. A few have been mentioned in the foregoing section on Hot Trends in Bathroom and Tile Designs in 2024.

Marble Effect Tiles

The most prominent trend now is bringing the outdoors in. The natural look is great in bathroom spaces. The marble effect tiles that mimic natural stones are gorgeous and instantly create a soothing spa-like atmosphere.

Classic Metro Tiles

The metro or subway tiles never go out of fashion. These brick-shaped tiles have clearly stapled themselves into the world of interior design. A popular choice for bathroom spaces, white metro may be mixed with black metros and patterned tiles to add extra interest.

Subway Tiles with an Oomph

These white rectangles that seem boring will become a little more interesting as they depart from traditional sizes. Take an amazing turn from the usual all-white tiles by using subway tiles that are offered in more colours, typical design patterns, and larger sizes. You may combine tile colours into vertical or horizontal shapes or use contrasting grout colours.

Graphic Patterns Accent Tiles

Geometric patterns look great on the floor or wall. Whether in delicate, subtle shades or in bright contrasting colours, complex patterns on tiles are enticing.

Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

These tiles are a huge trend right now. A reclaimed wood wall or floor is full of character and personality. Made from porcelain, they have a mixed colour palette and a charming effect that makes them perfect for creating a feature wall in a bathroom area.

Cement Tiles

If marble-effect tiles aren’t for you, and if you want to have a natural look and a more traditional stone-effect design, try cement tiles. They are available in a mix of soft and subtle colours.

Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles   

They are an exciting combination of hexagons, a prominent shape in the world of interior design, and terrazzo design. They are available in a few colour palettes to help create a bold, unique look.

Matte Tiles

Unlike glossy tiles that look too overwhelming, matte tiles have a soft but powerful style. The advantage of dullness in matte tiles is that water stains do not remain on them. They are ideal for flooring, especially in large bathrooms.

Textured Finish Tiles

Adding textured tiles can add variation, colour depth, and surface interest to any area in the bathroom. The textures may be pronounced or appear thin depending on the material used, the desired colour, and the applied finish.

Metallic Finish Tiles

An upcoming bright star of fashionable novelties for the bathroom, metal tiles are shiny and reflective and can give your bathroom a magnificent but extravagant look. Though this modern look is not quite there yet, expect to see it more and more in the coming years.

Need New Bathroom Tiles this New Year?

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom is exciting but challenging. There are so many new options to select from. We hope the above information on bathroom tile design trends and ideas for 2024 can help you decide what’s best for you. At Battersea Bathrooms, you can shop for modern bathroom tiles at competitive prices to bring your bathroom walls and floors to life.





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