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Waterproofing is essential in keeping your bathroom dry at all times. The grout is not waterproof itself, soaks the water and lets it go further, so you need 100% waterproof material that is behind the tiles to stop the process of water penetration. The notorious mistake in the field of tiling is the use of wooden panels and tiling their surfaces, inside the shower and floors. The losses of unprofessional installations reach thousands of pounds and cost a lot of health to homeowners.

Schlüter-Systems materials, which have been the best on the market for years, help us provide quality sealing and waterproofing works. Our waterproofing specialists has been using them for over 10 years and we started using them in London when most of the tilers did not know about their existence. We have a proven track record in the creation of all shapes and forms which after tile treatment are 100% waterproof and approved by our 5-year warranty.

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