Small Bathroom Ideas: How to Make Tiny Bathrooms Look Bigger

March 3, 2021by Mack Galus0

Small Bathroom Ideas: How to Make Tiny Bathrooms Look Bigger


A tiny bathroom need not necessarily make your daily routines less glamorous and less efficient. Before you decide to spend on a bathroom expansion project or moving your bathroom to a larger location, consider the many small bathroom ideas that will make your bathroom space look bigger. These small bathroom ideas have been suggested by expert designers and decorators who have successfully implemented them to the delight of the homeowners concerned.


Smart and Strategic Small Bathroom Ideas

Don’t let the limited space in your bathroom prevent you from enjoying the pleasure of your regular grooming and hygiene routines. Consider the following smart and strategic small bathroom ideas and styling tips to make small bathrooms as efficient and visually appealing as larger bathrooms.


  1. Install enough lighting.

Light is essential especially in a small bathroom space to make it appear larger. You can flood the room with an oversized pendant and extra lights by the mirror and sink areas.


  1. Take advantage of windows.

Natural light from windows is too important for cramped spaces. Avoid blocking it with shower curtains. Opt for a clear glass door instead.


  1. Use large mirrors.

A wall-to-wall mirror is sure to create the illusion of spaciousness. Even if you do not get ample natural light, large mirrors can make your bathroom brighter especially when you have a light colour scheme. Adding more mirrors can bounce light off the reflective surfaces helping make the room appear bigger.


  1. Use ledges instead of cabinets.

Shelving units and storage furniture clutter the walls and take up valuable space. Use ledges or the windowsill instead to put your décors such as framed print or a tiny vase on. If you don’t have a built-in vanity in your bathroom, you can opt for a ledge right above the sink where you can keep all your daily essentials such as soap and toothpaste. It won’t take up as much floor space compared to a big piece of furniture.


  1. Install recessed cabinets.

When you are out of space for a standard cabinet or shelves, installing recessed cabinets behind the door is a great storage option. It blends into the surrounding wall and when opened, it doesn’t get in the way of the door.


  1. Continue floor tile to the base of the wall.

Extend the floor tile onto the base of the wall or straight into the shower stall to stretch the visual plane of the room, making it feel so much larger.


  1. Curve corners.

When installed at a corner, you can make the edge of your vanity designed rounded to gain backspace.


  1. Install floating sinks.

Save space by installing a floating basin instead of bulky cabinets.


  1. Observe the proportion.

Keep proportion in mind when choosing extra storage pieces and decorative items. If your bathroom is long and narrow, for example, you can go for tall and slim plant stands and a skirted shelving unit.


  1. Use glass tiles.

Covering the floor in a thin layer of glass creates the illusion of depth. Select textured glass to prevent slips. You can also choose a tinted floor tile design for an enhanced aesthetic appeal from the stained glass effect.


  1. Offset sink instead of centring it.

In a standard countertop or vanity, the sink is usually placed at the centre for symmetry. Setting it at the side preserves space especially on long countertops.


  1. Install tower bars.

One of the best ways to save space is tall towel bars. They are sleek and provide extra vertical storage for your towels and bathrobes.


  1. Use space-saving decors and fixtures.

Hunt for space savers to install in your tiny bathroom. A hook with multiple swivelling prongs, for example, can hold extra hand towels.

By having a minimalist mind and employing these strategic small bathroom ideas, you can create the illusion of space make your tiny bathrooms appear bigger and more spacious.





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