Modern Design Ideas for Your Wet Room

March 3, 2021by Mack Galus0

Modern Design Ideas for Your Wet Room


The appeal of a wet room for many people is that it looks super cool and very functional at the same time. You can design it the way you like it, no matter the layout shape and size of your bathroom. You are only limited by your imagination.

A well-made wet room, designed and built by specialists, instantly adds value to your home because of its often contemporary, luxurious look. If this is what you want for your wet room, as you should, you need to understand the concepts behind modern, contemporary designs.

Here are three modern wet room design ideas you should consider when upgrading your wet room or having one installed for your home.


Minimalist Aesthetics

One of the principles of designs that you should consider is the idea that form follows function. It means the purpose should be the starting point for its design, rather than its aesthetics. All furnishings and decorative objects that you will put in your wet room should have a purpose. If one has no clear and practical function, get rid of it. It’s just clutter. The design of the bathroom fixture should reflect its purpose. Avoid over-the-top designs.

When it comes to colour, you can achieve a contemporary look if you stick to black, white, and grey. There are wet rooms that are all white. The focus is on function alone. This is as minimalist as you can get, and the look and feel are so serene. If the colour needed is an accent colour, stick to pure, saturated colour tones like red.

Not everything has to be white to look modern, though. There are wet rooms with dark grey slate tile from floor to wall, for example. To break the dark colour tone, choose bathroom fixtures with touches of white. You can also put light wood furniture for that organic feel.


The Feel of Open Space

One of the reasons why wet rooms are growing in popularity is it makes even small bathrooms look spacious. A wet room based on Scandinavian design is a great example of this. This design features bright, neutral colours, open spaces, and windows strategically placed to maximise light. Scandinavian-inspired wet rooms also have clean lines, using natural materials.

One great way to make a rather small wet room look very spacious is to use a huge glass wall to separate the wet room and the bedroom, instead of a regular wall. This may not be for everyone’s taste, but if you pulled this off, this is a very striking design.


Clean, Architectural Lines Focusing on Geometric Shapes

The geometric shapes that should be focused on in a modern wet room design can come from the bathroom fixtures used, such as a cylindrical pedestal sink, the flowing curves of the tub, or the triangular light fixtures or circular mirror. The tiles to be used can also show geometric shapes, especially if the colour scheme is all white. The floor tile can be in eye-catching geometric mosaic, either in cubes or hexagon shape, in contrast to the white surrounding.

No matter how your modern wet room will look once finished, the most important thing you need not forget is the basics. The whole room should be watertight. It’s a must that the water stream should go straight to the drain outlet. The tiles that you will use should be safe and not slippery.

Contemporary design also features state-of-the-art fixtures, such as wall and floor heating installation, and using large size shower head mounted on the ceiling.

In spite of the availability of modern wet room design ideas online, a wet room is not a DIY project, which is why you need to let professionals and experts do the job. Give us a call or make an online appointment with us, and we will give you a free online quote on your modern wet room project.

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