12 Clever Bathroom Renovation Ideas

March 3, 2021by Mack Galus0

Upgrading Your Bathroom? Here Are Some Clever Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Take advantage of your bathroom renovation to incorporate some clever ideas in your bathroom upgrade project. Use the opportunity to convert one of the most frequently utilised parts of your home from drab to fab. The improvements will not only let you have a more pleasurable daily grooming and hygiene experience; it can make the bathroom your home’s centrepiece and increase the value of your home.


Clever Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Whether you are renovating your entire house or simply upgrading your bathroom, here are some innovative ideas shared by homeowners and renovators alike. These improvements will not only provide amazing and inspiring results but will also transform your bathroom to be more efficient.


  1. Install proper lighting.

Light can affect the look and overall ambience of a bathroom in two ways. Lots of light can give your bathroom a luxurious appeal. Subtle accent lighting positioned strategically can have a similar effect and can highlight the features of your bathroom you want to emphasise.


  1. Choose the right mirror.

A mirror not only increases the perception of space making the room look larger. It also reflects sunlight throughout the room when placed on the opposite wall to window sunlight. Modern mirrors can incorporate different gadgetry that adds sophistication and function to your bathroom, such as lighting, clocks, and even a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone that can let you listen to music whilst you shower.


  1. Use sophisticated colours.

Colour is a powerful element. One of the most helpful ideas you can implement for your bathroom innovation is the use of colour. Used in the right space, the right colour can provide an outstanding visual effect and significantly impact the overall design and ambience.


  1. Go along structural and plumbing challenges.

Pipes, especially risers, are not the best-looking features in a bathroom. Use space that these unsightly pipes occupy by installing covert shelves for towels and toilet paper.


  1. Opt for great views.

Windows can let in natural light. When you can install huge windows with a wonderful view, it can stand out as being luxurious.


  1. Install skylights.

Skylight is a great source of natural light when is a skylight when windows are not enough.


  1. Use natural materials for walls and floors.

When budget is not an issue, installing natural stones such as marbles, onyx, and granite for your bathroom’s walls and floors will give your bathroom a luxurious look.


  1. Install towel rails.

Tall tower rails will give you vertical storage for towels and bathrobes. They will also give you extra heat output; you no longer have to hang your towels on your bathroom radiator.


  1. Choose a soft-close toilet seat.

You no longer have to deal with the loud noise when people slam the toilet seat down if you have a soft-close toilet seat installed. These modern toilet seats have sprung hinges that prevent loud noise when they close.


  1. Decorate with brass tacks.

Metal finishes never go out of style and are quite trendy nowadays. Use brass accents in a traditional bathroom to bring warmth and colour.


  1. Spruce up with elegant accessories.

Most of the time, the accessories give the bathroom space its character. Examples are long and heavy curtains, a mirrored wall, a rug with a soft and pleasant texture, and decorative stones used as décor elements.


  1. Use arts and images to decorate.

An inexpensive and great way to decorate your bathroom is to frame family photos or kids’ paintings and hang them on the walls or let them stand on a surface. They add a great personal touch to your overall interior style.

With many modern bathroom renovation ideas sprouting here and there, you will never run out of innovative and clever ideas that will suit your taste and preferences. For reliable and budget-friendly bathroom upgrade services, let our experts at Battersea Bathrooms handle your fitting, tiling, and waterproofing needs.

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