5 Signs that Suggest Your Bathroom Needs Renovation

March 3, 2021by Mack Galus0

5 Signs that Suggest Your Bathroom Needs Renovation


Bathroom renovation? It all boils down to two reasons — either you want to or you need to. You probably want to renovate your bathroom because you have this modern look that you’ve always wanted. Or maybe you need this renovation because, judging by its poor condition, your bathroom is practically begging for it.

Whatever the reason may be, a bathroom renovation is a project that, when done properly, will increase the functionality of your bathroom and add value to the entire home. Here’s the thing, though. Even if you don’t want to do a bathroom renovation, you might need to undertake one.

How would you know? Here are 5 bathroom renovation signs that tell you it’s a must!


  1. Bathroom fixtures that need fixing

You might think that this is an obvious sign that a bathroom needs to be renovated. However, a lot of people delay renovations thinking it isn’t urgent. Bathroom fixtures are the essence of your bathroom. A damaged toilet, shower, bathtub, or sink needs to be replaced as soon as possible because things will only get worse. And that means additional expenses.

If you’re going to replace one or two of them, this would be the best time to renovate and change all of them. You’re going to change them sooner than later anyway. Go for that new look for your bathroom that you’ve always wanted.


  1. Plumbing problems

Leaks mean problems. So do clogged pipes. Any problem in your bathroom’s plumbing needs even urgent attention because leaks can get out of hand pretty quickly and cause even bigger damages. This is the same for busted or clogged pipes as it will make your bathroom unusable. A complete renovation may be needed depending on how bad the condition of your bathroom plumbing is. Hire professionals to assess the problems your bathroom has.


  1. Out with the poor layout

Most homeowners decide to do bathroom renovations because the current layout of their bathrooms is not to their liking. The bathroom size may be too small or too big. The layout may also not be practical and space-optimised.

Does opening the bathroom door cause unnecessary stress because it’s not opening fully as it is hitting a bathroom fixture? Do you need a bathroom that is more accessible to a person with a disability? Do you spend a lot of me-time inside your bathroom and the cramped space is not helping?

These are just some of the bathroom renovation signs and problems that show you truly need to consider an upgrade. There are so many modern bathroom layout designs that can efficiently use all of a bathroom’s square metres.


  1. Not enough storage space

A properly designed bathroom should have adequate storage space for everything that needs storing, like bath towels, personal hygiene products, toilet paper rolls. You probably have enough storage space before in your home but now that you’re sharing the home with other people, you need to have additional storage. Store-bought organisers may not fit the space and the look of your bathroom that’s why you need to renovate the bathroom and put custom-built cabinets and organisers.


  1. Poor lighting and ventilation

When we say poor lighting, this is not about changing your lighting fixtures only. Yes, a well-placed and thought-out lighting can immediately brighten up the bathroom, so to speak. However, proper lighting can also come from a new bathroom window, that will not only give the right lighting, it will also provide ventilation and get rid of bad odours. Depending on the design, too, a new window can give that modern bathroom look.

As mentioned above, sometimes you also just want to renovate your bathroom for aesthetic reasons. There’s nothing wrong with that. These days, a bathroom is not just a space to do bathroom stuff. It is also a place where you spend time to relax, pamper yourself, or just think of the day ahead

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